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As consumers travel more, airlines have re-engineered efficiency, seat optimization, safety, security, and most of all, the cost-savings that customers demand. The result? Crowds of passengers who are suspended into a state of “learned helplessness.” Too often, passengers have an air of submission and surrender with dread to an experience that is endured, not appreciated – a.k.a. air travel.

However, it doesn’t have to be this way. Making air travel the exciting part of a journey is possible. Providing passengers with a positive, seamless experience is within reach and can be a win-win proposition for airlines and their passengers.

In our new whitepaper, dive into the four areas that are needed to break the cycle of learned helplessness and gain a better understanding of how to provide passengers with:

1) in-the-moment choices to personalize their trip,

2) self-tracking capabilities,

3) empathic responsiveness, and

4) positive distractions via digital entertainment and retail shopping.

Break the Cycle of Learned Helplessness to Drive Customer Satisfaction and Higher Revenues

By Gary Edwards, PHD

Dr. Gary Edwards has dedicated over 20 years to a mission helping executive leaders of the world’s best-known brands takes a Decision Sciences approach to solving complex business challenges. Gary currently heads up Golfdale Consulting with his partner, specializing in research, insights, and communications for leading-edge digital companies.

Before Golfdale, Gary's career took him from Country Manager and SVP at Gallup Canada, to SVP at Maritz: Thompson Lightstone, and to Empathica where he built and led all client-facing functions. Before his commercial career, Gary was an epidemiologist, analyzing health trends in a multi-year tracking study for the Clarke Institute of Psychiatry.

Gary has an M.A. (Psych) and Ph.D. (Social Policy) from Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada where he focused on social research methods and statistics. His Hon. BA (Psych) is from the University of Western Ontario. 

About the Author:

Gary Edwards, PhD
Golfdale Consulting


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